Today we’re excited to announce that our open-source Plumbing library has been extended to support ClojureScript. Plumbing is a collection of Clojure utilities that we’ve found helpful regardless of what we’re working on. It contains common, general-purpose functions as well as unique tools, like Graph. It’s our most starred and watched open-source library on GitHub and has been battle tested in our fully Clojure backend.

Similar to Schema, we are using the cljx library to generate both Clojure and ClojureScript source from a single codebase. With the exception of only a few JVM-specific utilities and optimizations, the entire API of Plumbing is available in ClojureScript.

Over time, we’ve found many powerful applications of Plumbing & Graph in Clojure and we’re excited to apply these to ClojureScript. However, we also suspect new and interesting ClojureScript-specific applications will arise from UI development.