Plumbing 0.4.0

Prismatic's Clojure utility belt.


Utility belt for Clojure in the wild


Core utilities for parsing our 'fnk'-style binding syntax.
Documented and tested through the actual 'letk','fnk', and 'defnk'
macros in plumbing.core.


Core protocol and helpers for schema.core to extract and attach
input and output schemas to fnks. This protocol says nothing about
how fnks are created, so users are free to create PFnks directly
using fn->fnk, or using custom binding syntax (of which 'fnk' et al
are one possible example).


A very simple type system for a subset of schemas consisting of nested
maps with optional or required keyword keys; used by fnk and kin.


A Graph is a simple, declarative way to define a composition of functions that is
easy to define, modify, execute, test, and monitor.


Public variables and functions:


A compilation method for graphs that avoids maps for speed.

Common operations on maps (both Clojure immutable and mutable Java stuff)